About Us

CODEBASE R&D is a software company specialized in enterprise-scale business application design and development.


Established in 2010 as a Technopark company in Ankara Technology Development Area, Bilkent Cyberpark. In addition to application development, CODEBASE has solid expertise on a wide range of solution areas including enterprise application integration, mobile application development, decision support systems, business intelligence, data warehouse, identity management, virtualization and hosting, private cloud infrastructure design and deployment, enterprise service bus design and deployment, data cleansing and migration.

Why Codebase? 

Innovation: We always develop our software products with new ways of thinking, different approaches and by using the latest technology. Our enterprise-class software development framework is always maintained and optimized and open for rapid development of new business applications and integrations.


R & D: As a company established in a technopark region (Bilkent Cyberpark) we are committed to the research and development culture, discipline and dynamism.

Expertise: Our team of experts has solid business and regulatory know-how as well as software engineering which leads to faster business-specific solution development cycles.

Experience: Codebase worked directly with 19 electricity distribution and retail companies and delivered projects, services, and business solutions for more than a decade.

Reliability: We value integrity and credibility in our business processes. Our detailed design, project and operations documentation and reports provide clear information which eases executive monitoring and internal/external auditing processes.

Code of Business Conduct 

We value straight, open and honest business relations in all areas of our business engagements.

We strive to understand the expectations and goals of our customer and to deliver services and solutions matched to that level and quality.

During our engagements, we value the importance of reporting our feedbacks in areas which we evaluated to be in advantage or disadvantage of our customer timely and with the appropriate level of management.

We avoid irrelevant and unnecessary use of resources and always want to be the trusted advisor of our customer in areas we have experience and specialty including technology, related investments, and business processes.

In our engagements we keep customer data classified and work in compliance with the written and unwritten rules and regulations of our customer.

Mission & Vision 

Our mission is to produce enterprise-scale and quality software and infrastructure solutions in our expertise areas based on the most recent and suitable technologies by utilizing local resources and investments in the Turkish technology market.

Our vision is to become your trusted and preferred solution partner who can develop value-added quality software projects and services which have observable, quantifiable benefits based on our subject matter expertise, technical knowledge, and experience.

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